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It's a time logger!

LimeLogger is a quick and easy to use web application that helps you keep track of your time throughout the day.

Who is it for?

LimeLogger has been built for busy professionals working in the creative industry, but it can be used by anyone. In fact, if you found LimeLogger while searching for a basic daily time logger, it might be just what you need.

Working in a busy environment often means working on lots of different tasks or projects each day, and trying to keep track of how much time was spent on each. With a LimeLogger account, this task is as easy as pie. Fruit pie.

How do I use it?

Throughout the day, every time you change task or project, simply log the name of the task or project you are beginning or returning to. Be sure to also log any breaks as you begin them (just treat them as another task), and log "END" at the end of the day. Thats it.

By seeing the entire day as one fluid block of time (--the time between your first and last log), LimeLogger can work out how many hours the day had in it, and divide them appropriately between the different tasks you have logged. In short; LimeLogger will analyse your list of logs, and display a short summary showing how many hours you spent on each task or project, in total, that day.

Have a look at these screenshots to see how it works:

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