Story Explorer

Privacy Policy

Generally, we don't like to collect any information from you that we don't actually need. And, on Story Explorer, we really don't need that much from you. So your privacy is pretty secure.

What we collect

We don't actively collect any personal information from you while you use the website. However, should you choose to join, we require you to provide a valid email address among other non-personal data. This is then stored in a secure database.

How we use it

Your email address is crucial to the security of your profile. It is used to identify you as the owner of your profile, and to contact you in the following situations:

Your email address will never be used for purposes unrelated to Story Explorer, nor will it be disclosed to any third parties. Additionally, we do not condone SPAM email. We will never use your email address for this purpose.

When you contact us

We require you to provide a valid email address whenever you contact us using our online form. This email address will only be held for the time it takes for us to read and respond to your query, then it will be permanently deleted from our records. We will not share this information with anyone, nor will we use it to send you SPAM.

Our cookies

This website requires your browser to store small amounts of data, called cookies, on your computer. These cookies allow the website to work correctly; without them you would not be able to sign in, or perform any of the other security-conscious actions the website offers (e.g. deleting a story). They do not store any personal information about you, nor do they pose a security threat for you or your computer. If you have disabled cookies in your web browser's settings, please enable them now.