Story Explorer

Terms of Use

We would like everyone to have a good time using Story Explorer, so we have drawn up these terms of use to make sure everyone is on the same page (pun intended).

Your profile

It is your responsibility to choose a sensible screen name and avatar. Please be considerate of the other people who use this website. Should you choose to display a name or avatar containing profanity, you will be banned immediately upon discovery by an admin.

Messaging others

Once you join Story Explorer you will be able to send messages to other people through a button on their profile page. While you are free to message whoever you like, misuse of this system to harass others or broadcast SPAM will lead to you being permanently banned without warning.

Writing stories

We want you to write and publish great and varied stories here on Story Explorer, but some themes and content are unsuitable for the wide audience we have. For this reason, any stories that we deem inappropriate will be removed. For your reference, an unsuitable story may be any story that is not written in English, or that contains any of the following:

If one of your stories is found to be unsuitable, we will unpublish it and email you to ask you to amend it. Further complaints about your stories or profile could cause all of your stories to be deleted, and your profile banned. You will also run the risk of being banned if you are found to have plagiarised --please see the copyright notice for more information.