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Horror Mystery
5 ratings

The Nature of Corruption

by Slade

A failed break in leaves both you and your two allies dead. It is there that you learn the nature of Corruption, as Satan takes you under his wing. The price of escaping an eternity of pain? You were brought in to replace him. So far 46 sections long.

Action Crime
9 ratings

Assassin: The Korean Contract

by Decons

Step into the shoes of a ruthless assassin as you travel the globe collecting blood money. This mission takes you to North Korea to stop a secret arms deal, permanently. Do you have what it takes to infiltrate a heavily guarded military installation, pull the trigger on a corrupt foreign official, and escape with your life and anonymity intact? Read and find out! Please note: this story is not yet fully written, and has been published early to help with the website's beta testing! It will be completed soon, but for now, please enjoy the first chapter.

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