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Creating an interactive story here is as easy as writing a blog, just hit the New Story button in the Your Drafts box to get started. It helps to plan your story before you write it though, we recommend these steps:

  • 1 Ideas: Decide what type of story you want to write and what it will be about. Create an ideas sheet and jot this down. [example]
  • 2 Chapters: List about five locations for the story to take place in. These will be the chapters of your story. [example]
  • 3 Passages: Using a whole new sheet, list maybe ten events to happen in the first chapter. These will be passages. [example]
  • 4 Links: Draw a box around each of your passages, and connect them with arrows. The arrows will be your links. [example]
  • 5 Choices: Add in some extra passages and links. Experiment to make shortcuts, detours, and dead ends. [example]
  • 6 Repeat: You now have a solid chapter plan for the first chapter. Create plans for the other chapters too.
  • 7 Complete: Admire your awesome interactive story plan ...and then laugh like an evil genius! White cat optional.

You can preview your story as you write it. When it's complete, publish it to add it to your profile page. Your published stories also appear on the Read Stories page for everyone to read, rate, and share! You can even share them straight to Facebook, Twitter, and StumbleUpon yourself for your friends to find and read.

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