Project: Dragon PI

The Raspberry Pi was a great idea, I had to get one. I did, and I made the Dragon PI.

Weekend One

I love tinkering with technology, and setting up a webserver on a credit card sized computer was a fun weekend project. With limited time to build it, I stuck to my then-core tech; Apache, MySQL, PHP, CodeIgniter, jQuery, and Bootstrap. It was up and running fast; a full webserver contained in a tiny black box, consuming less power than an energy efficient lightbulb. But, that was all it did...

Weekends Since

Today it has a multi-user login, and hosts a whole bunch of useful little micro-web apps; like a home DVD list, digital archery scorecards, calorie trackers, wish-lists, various countdowns, and some other useful stuff. Now, every random micro-app idea I dream up becomes a weekend project itself, and then it appears on the Dragon PI.

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