UI & UX Design

Although not my natural preference, very early on in my studies I discovered the importance of design, and sought to develop skills and knowledge in this area.

Without a clear and purposeful interface, it can be highly frustrating or even impossible to understand and make use of even the most well-constructed system. And, without attention to the user experience, a website will fail to make an emotional impact on the user, minimising returning traffic.

Although I'm no expert on these topics, I can certainly hold my own when the need to turn my hand to design arises. Here's the type of thing I've found myself working on.

Full design:
  - Browser-based games
  - E-commerce websites
  - Brochure websites
  - Micro web applications

Partial / element design:
  - Social media headers and icons
  - E-commerce homepage redesigns
  - Seasonal promotion banners
  - Email templates
  - Form layouts
  - Buttons

Core Skills

Investigating and understanding the need, audience, and competition.

Determine necessary interactive elements, and site/system sections.

Producing and refining an initial layout of each page type.

Producing production-ready “final” page designs and graphics.

Everyday Tools

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Coffee


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