Project: Lime Logger

"How many hours did you spend on X project this week?" - A common question, one that can be tricky to answer if you're balancing several projects at once.

A problem over-solved?

I had a look online for time tracking software, and found a million solutions to my problem. Some were costly, many were awkward to use, and more were so packed with features that they were a chore to pick up. I needed something free, super-simple, and most importantly; it had to give an accurate record of my 8-hour day with the least amount of input from me.

Rail time, clocked in.

Using an offline netbook during my daily rail commute, I coded my own solution, which I immediately began to use in the office. With Lime Logger, all I needed to do was log the new task's name each time I changed what I was doing, and it does the rest. I was so pleased with the results, I decided to make the project available to everyone. I still use it today.

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